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TracLegos is software designed to template Trac projects and assist with Trac project creation. Its goal is to make project creation easy and flexible, allowing flexibility with regards to creation methodology as well as extensibility as a project factory for environments with advanced needs. TracLegos is not meant for project upgrading or maintenance, but only to setup a project with sensible defaults.

You should be able to setup your own templates to suit your Trac needs. You should be able to share these templates with others.

TracLegos can be invoked in a number of ways:

TracLegos also makes it easy to turn an existing project into a PasteScript template.

See also: AdminToolkitScript

Example of through the web project creation

The index of the project additionally has a Create Project link:

index view for TracLegosScript TTW interface

Following this link will bring you to the initial screen of project creation where you select the project name and type of project (if more than one template is available):

First screen of project creation TTW

Next, the project details screen will allow selection of the type of repository (and in the future, database type -- see #3745):

second screen of TTW project creation, showing repository options

Finally, you must fill in any additional variables needed for the project:

third screen of TTW project creation:  filling in needed variables

After completion, the project is created and you are redirected to it.

Example of command line usage

> create-trac-project 
Usage: create-trac-project [options] project <project2> <...> var1=1 var2=2 ...

assemble a trac project from components

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONF, --conf=CONF  site configuration files
  -d DIRECTORY, --directory=DIRECTORY
                        trac projects directory
  -i INHERIT, --inherit=INHERIT
                        .ini file to inherit from
  -s REPOSITORY, --repository=REPOSITORY
                        repository type to use
  -t TEMPLATES          trac.ini templates to be applied in order
  --list-templates      list available TracProject PasteScript templates
  --list-repositories   list repositories available for setup by TracLegos

> create-trac-project --list-templates
Available projects:
topp_trac_project: The Open Planning Project Trac Template

> create-trac-project --list-repositories
Available repositories:
ExistingSVN: Use an existing repository
NewSVN: Create a new SVN repository

> create-trac-project -t topp-trac-project mynewproject # create a new project

Example of turning an existing project into a paste-script template

> paster create -t trac_project foo
Selected and implied templates:
  TracLegos#trac_project  templatize configuration for a trac project

  egg:      foo
  package:  foo
  project:  foo
Enter file (file or project to templatize) ['']: /home/jhammel/20080519133401/projects/trachours/conf/trac.ini
Enter description (One-line description of the package) ['']: a new trac template based on the trachours .ini file

Creating template trac_project
Creating directory ./foo
  Recursing into +package+
    Creating ./foo/foo/
    Copying to ./foo/foo/
    Copying project.py_tmpl to ./foo/foo/
    Recursing into template
      Creating ./foo/foo/template/
      Recursing into conf
        Creating ./foo/foo/template/conf/
  Copying setup.py_tmpl to ./foo/
Running /home/jhammel/TracLegos/bin/python egg_info
> cd foo; python develop &> /dev/null
> create-trac-project --list-templates
Available projects:
topp_trac_project: The Open Planning Project Trac Template
foo: a new trac template based on the trachours .ini file

Bugs/Feature Requests

This is experimental software, so feedback and feature requests are greatly appreciated.

Existing bugs and feature requests for TracLegosScript are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


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Download the zipped source from here.


Check out using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Installation is done in typical Python manner: once you have downloaded the source, run python install for installation into Python's site packages or python develop to install with editable source.

Example Template

TracLegosScript also comes with an existing template: source:traclegosscript/anyrelease/example/oss, which is an example of the kind of template used at The Open Planning Project for open source software projects. To install this template, run python install or python develop from this directory. This PasteScript template can be seen in the output of paster create --list-templates:

(TracLegos)> paster create --list-templates
Available templates:
  basic_package:      A basic setuptools-enabled package
  paste_deploy:       A web application deployed through paste.deploy
  oss_project:        Open Source Software project trac template
  trac_project:       templatize configuration for a trac project

Turning an Existing trac.ini File into a Template

The last project shown in the templates listed by paster create --list-templates, trac_project, is a template designed to turn an existing trac.ini configuration file into a TracProject template that can be used by TracLegosScript for project creation. To turn an existing configuration trac.ini into a TracProject template, run:

paster create -t trac_project yourproject

This will output a directory structure

|-- yourproject
|   |--
|   |--
|   `-- template
|       `-- conf
|           `-- trac.ini
`-- yourproject.egg-info

To customize the template, edit yourproject/yourproject/template/conf/trac.ini. PasteScript template variables can be denoted and pre and post template writing setup can be done by customizing yourproject/yourproject/

Setup of WebOb View for Project Creation

TracLegos includes a paste webapp that serves existing projects (delegating to Trac) and also allows creating new projects. To use this view, you must have at least one template installed, so first install the example template as described above. Once the topp_trac_template (or any other template) is installed, you should be all set to run the webapp by running paster serve development.ini from the top-level directory of your copy of the TracLegos source (source:traclegosscript/anyrelease/development.ini).

Point your browser at and you should be all set with a bare-bones web-based Trac project creator.


TracLegos is designed so that site-specific configuration does not need to (and really shouldn't) live in the templates but can live in its own .ini file. The advantages of this is that templates from XYZcorp can be shared with ABCcorp without modification but that a policy for Trac project creation can be effectively enforced as well as having the convenience of domain-specific variables by using a site configuration .ini file (or files). See TracLegosTemplates for a fuller explanation of how multiple templates can be used to factor out site-specific configuration.

Variables are currently supported in a site configuration file. See source:traclegosscript/anyrelease/example/site_example.ini for the format of this file. Using the command line, site configuration .ini files are specified with the -c option:

create-trac-project -c example/site_example.ini ...

Configuration files may also be specified for the web front-end. To use this, add the following option to the .ini file specified for paster serve:

traclegos.conf = /path/to/site_example.ini, /path/to/myorganization.ini

TracLegos Components

TracLegos is designed to be configurable and extensible. Here are the components that make that possible:

Recent Changes

12984 by rjollos on 2013-04-19 16:30:50
Refs #7262: Point setup,py link to TracSqlHelperScript 0.11 directory rather than anyrelease directory.
8058 by ejucovy on 2010-06-02 17:24:22
apply slinkp's patch for preventing overwriting of existing projects (#7164)
7767 by k0s on 2010-03-10 01:10:24
slightly more verbose handling of the postgres database


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