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List of changes

Release 1.10.0 (2022-02-07):

o Removed use of deprecated APIs and replaced with updated ones. Plugin now compatible with Trac 1.4.

Release 1.9.1 (2017-03-04):

o Fixed Ticket #12301 (Trac-Hacks): Exception: testmanager.listRootCatalogs: object of type 'type' has no len()

o Fixed Ticket #12663 (Trac-Hacks): [PATCH]: Exception during database upgrade

o Fixed Ticket #12736 (Trac-Hacks): javascript error in testman4trac/testmanager/htdocs/js/testmanager.js

o Fixed Ticket #12912 (Trac-Hacks): upgrade installation from Trac 0.12 to 1.0 not OK

o Fixed Ticket #13094 (Trac-Hacks): can not create a test plan after clicking Generate a test plan

Release 1.9.0 (2015-11-22):

o Task #12395 (Trac-Hacks): BSD license possible?

Changed to GPL v. 2 to BSD licensing.

o Fixed Ticket #12572 (Trac-Hacks): XMLRPC listTestcases does not respect order of test cases

Release 1.8.2 (2014-12-14):

o Enhancement #11598 (Trac-Hacks): "Default" Test Case template to be applied to newly created Test Catalogs

Now you can define a custom test case template, which will be applied to all new test cases.

o Enhancement #10805 (Trac-Hacks): Remove empty sub catalogs from test plan

o Enhancement #11476 (Trac-Hacks): Return custom fields in XMLRPC Calls

Custom fields ( are now returned by the XML-RPC calls to retrieve test manager objects. They can also be set and changed using the "create*()" and "modifyTestObject()" methods. Refer to the XML-RPC interface documentation for further details and to the sample script "" for usage examples:

XML-RPC documentation:

o Fixed Ticket #11597 (Trac-Hacks): Cannot delete Test Case templates

o Fixed Ticket #11486 (Trac-Hacks): Searching in tickets search in wiki as well even if unchecked

o Fixed Ticket #11609 (Trac-Hacks): [testplan-tm_custom] custom=textarea format=wiki does not do wiki formatting

Wiki formatting is now supported in custom fields, if you specify "format=wiki" for the field in trac.ini.

o Fixed Ticket #11912 (Trac-Hacks): Error cloning test plan with PostgreSQL database

Many thanks to "sistemas" for providing the patch!!!

Release 1.8.1 (2014-01-06):

o Enhancement #10805 (Trac-Hacks): Remove empty sub catalogs from test plan

o Enhancement #11454 (Trac-Hacks): Test Plan hierarchy contains empty (unselected) catalogs

o Enhancement #11320 (Trac-Hacks): Baseurl in stats page doesn't use trac's configuration

o Enhancement #11357 (Trac-Hacks): Adding [testplan-tm_custom] custom=textarea causes exception during testplan loading

Now, all custom field types are supported!!!

text, textarea, select, radio, checkbox

The syntax to be used in trac.ini is the same as for custom ticket fields:


The only [current] limitation is the lack of support for the "wiki" format.

o Enhancement #11451 (Track-Hacks): Default bug ticket name (related to test case) too long

It is now possible to customize the summary for new tickets created from failing test cases.

In the [testmanager] section of the trac.ini file, you can specify:

ticket_summary_option: How to generate the ticket summary. Options are:


the default behavior. The summary will contain a complete path in the catalogs tree, with the names of the catalogs from the root to the failing test case.


only the last specified number of catalogs in the path will be used to form the summary.

The number of catalogs to use must be specified using the 'ticket_summary_num_catalogs' property.


the generated summary will be empty.


the specified text will be used as the ticket summary. The text to be used must be specified using the 'ticket_summary_text' property.

ticket_summary_separator: The string to be used to separate catalog names

in the generated summary.

Two sample configurations follow:

[testmanager] ticket_summary_option = fixed_text ticket_summary_text = Failed test case:

[testmanager] ticket_summary_option = last_n_catalogs ticket_summary_num_catalogs = 2 ticket_summary_separator = ->

o Enhancement #11462 (Trac-Hacks): List "Root Catalogs".

The XML-RPC interface has now an additional method to list the root-level catalogs.

Refer to the file shipped with the plugin for usage information.

o Fixed Ticket #11449 (Track-Hacks): Special characters (like #) removed from the test case name

o Fixed Ticket #11450 (Track-Hacks): Test case name length limit cannot be changed

Release 1.7.3 (2013-12-01):

A brand new Russian translation is available: thanks Valeriy Gusev!

o Enhancement #11381 (Trac-Hacks): Ability to add test case in more than one test plan

Release 1.7.2 (2013-11-01):

A brand new Korean translation is available: thanks Mandy Cho!

The French translation has also been greatly updated: thanks Laura!!!

o Fixed Ticket #11358 (Track-Hacks): Adding custom [test-outcomes] breaks setting outcomes from Test Plan table view

o Fixed Ticket #11347 (Track-Hacks): Show related tickets issue

o Fixed Ticket #11350 (Track-Hacks): Add to Test Plan Button doesn't work

Release 1.7.1 (2013-08-16):

o To facilitate packaging for Debian, the test statistics were completely rewritten against the Flot library, removing

the dependency on the YUI library, which was based on Flash.

o Added some small usability improvements, like the folder icons for test catalogs.

o Fixed Ticket #11123 (Track-Hacks): Test Stats fail to update charts

o Fixed Ticket #11142 (Track-Hacks): Test Cases or Test Catalogs fails with exception

"AttributeError : 'NoneType ' object has no attribute 'split'"

Release 1.6.2 (2013-05-23):

o Enhanced the look&feel of the new "Organize Test Catalogs" dialog box.

o Fixed Ticket #11055 (Track-Hacks): UnicodeEncodeError when using testcase-name with non-ascii-characters

o Fixed Ticket #11113 (Track-Hacks): Links to JQuery and JQuery-UI JS not updated for new versions - Stats don't show

Release 1.6.1 (2013-04-21):

o Enhancement #10672 (Trac-Hacks): Status summary for the directory in the testplans.

In the test plan view, now a traffic light is displayed next to each test catalog node, with the aggregated (worst) status of all the sub-tree.

o Enhancement #10907 (Trac-Hacks): Custom execution order for test cases.

Test cases can now be organized in catalogs with the order of your choice. You can also easily drag and drop test cases from one catalog to another.

o Enhancement #10807 (Trac-Hacks): Cloning a test plan

o Fixed Ticket #10568 (Track-Hacks): Can't edit test case templates

o Fixed Ticket #10295 (Track-Hacks): Trac detected an internal error: UnicodeError : source returned bytes, but no encoding specified

Release 1.5.2 (2012-10-14):

This release makes the plugins compatible with Trac 1.0.

Since the release of Trac 1.0, I had to split the plugins code into two versions:

o A version that works well with Trac 0.11 o A version that works well with Trac 0.12 and Trac 1.0

All the code still works with Python 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7. All database backends are still supported.

To build from the source, refer to the updated BUILD.txt file.

o Fixed Ticket #10293 (Track-Hacks): New install impossible on Trac 1.0beta1

o Fixed Ticket #10295 (Track-Hacks): Trac detected an internal error: UnicodeError : source returned bytes, but no encoding specified

Release 1.5.1 (2012-08-12):

This is somewhat of a major release, in that it includes several new interesting features and many bug fixes. See the list below for more details.

In addition to that, I realized a VIDEO TUTORIAL showing out the main features of this Test Manager, to help new and existing users take confidence with recent changes, new features and so on.

Check the tutorial on YouTube :

Also the trac-hacks user manual has been restructured, updated and enriched with the recent changes and features.

o Enhancement #353771 (SourceForge ): Time tracking capability.

This is now possible by means of the enhancements to the tabular views of both test catalogs and test plans and the addition of a custom field. See the comments to the feature request and the video tutorial, where this customization example is fully explored.

o Enhancement #3537704 (SourceForge ): Possibility to select columns for the table view.

This is now possible from the administration panel.

I also added an interesting feature that allows for adding a statistical row to the test catalog and test plan tabular views, with the option to have the sum, average or count of the values in any column, being it a standard or a custom property of test cases or catalogs.

This feature is also used to realize the feature #353771 above. See the video tutorial for an interesting use of this one to track test execution effort estimation of an entire test plan and compare it to actual execution time.

o Enhancement #3537700 (SourceForge ): Option to select table view as default view.

This is now possible from the administration panel.

o Enhancement #3537696 (SourceForge ): Possibility to change test plans.

This is now possible by means of several new actions available on test cases:

  • On a test case definition page, you have a new action button to add the test case to a plan. A dialog box appears showing you the suitable plans (the ones not containing all test cases).
  • On a test case instance (a test case inside a plan) page, you have a new action button to remove the test case from the plan.
  • On a test case instance (a test case inside a plan) page, in case the plan is containing an old snapshot of the test case and you wish to update its text description to the latest version, you have a new action button to do that.

o Fixed Ticket #8932 (Track-Hacks): The test plan tabular view has been enhanced to also

show test case full text description

o Fixed Ticket #10131 and #10217 (Track-Hacks): Deleting a Test Case, deleting Test Catalogs containing Test items.

This only happened on PosgreSQL.

o Fixed some bugs that I found ad which were not reported:

  • The quick search in test catalogs was not working.
  • Indentation of test cases in tabular views for both catalogs and plans was incorrect.
  • Localization (i.e. translation) did not work for some parts of the Administration panel, the Statistical charts page and several dialog boxes.
  • Setting a test case status using the pop-up traffic light menu did not work on test plan tabular view.
  • Some more I can't recall :D

Release 1.4.11 (2012-06-03):

The data referential integrity in case of test catalog, test case and test plan deletion has been enhanced.
Deleting a test catalog now also deletes all of the contained sub-catalogs, test cases and test plans, as well as the corresponding status change history.

o Fixed Ticket #9857 (Track-Hacks): Deleted test plan is still shown in Test Stats
o Fixed Ticket #9953 (Track-Hacks): Changing a testcase custom field value gives and error
o Fixed Ticket #10043 (Track-Hacks): Deleting "zombie" TestPlans

Release 1.4.10 (2012-03-03):

o Enhancement #9751 (Track-Hacks): Ability to sort catalogs.

Test Catalogs are now sorted by title in the tree and table views.

o Fixed Ticket #9776 (Track-Hacks): Testplans not visible with latest Agilo Plugin.
o Fixed Ticket #9530 (Track-Hacks): Expand all / Collapse all is not running.

This only happened with the Agilo plugin installed.

o Fixed Ticket #9754 (Track-Hacks): Setting test result seemingly succeeds with expired login.

Now operations such as setting a test case status and updating a custom field,
when failing will display a dialog box with an error message.

o Fixed Ticket #9758 (Track-Hacks): Can't delete Test Case in v1.4.9.

Release 1.4.9 (2012-01-04):

o Enhancement #8958 (Track-Hacks): An ability to export test data to CSV format needed.

You can now export to CSV a test catalog or a test plan.
In the test catalog and test plan pages you will find an "Export ..." button.
The export format is designed to eventually import the stuff back into another Test Manager plugin evironment, as soon as a compatible import feature will be implemented :D (the current import feature is simpler than that.)

o Enhancement #9287 (Track-Hacks): New browser tab for existing testcases. Now you have an option in trac.ini to choose what

to do when clicking on a test case in the catalog/plan.
The default is to NOT open it in a new window, but you can change that from the admin panel,
under Testmanage->Settings, or directly in the trac.ini file like this:

testcase.open_new_window = True

o Fixed Ticket #9297 (Track-Hacks): Can't print testplan table overview. There was a problem with the default print css from Trac.
o Fixed Ticket #9510 (Track-Hacks): TestStats for single Testplans at 1.4.8 not working - patched.

Thanks so much Andreas for finding it and for patching it!!!

o Fixed Ticket #9530 (Track-Hacks): Expand all / Collapse all is not running
o Fixed Ticket #9654 (Track-Hacks): Error when creating test plans

Release 1.4.8 (2011-10-23):

o Strongly enhanced the upgrade mechanism. Now it's more robust, should work with all the databases and between arbitrary Test Manager versions.

The only drawback is that upgrade is only supported from 1.4.7, not from previous versions.

o Enhancement #9077 (Track-Hacks): Ability to separate and report on test plans by product
o Enhancement #9208 (Track-Hacks): Test plan with only selected test cases from the catalog, take snapshot version of test cases.

This is an important one. Many users were asking for a way of including only selected test cases into
a Test Plan, for different reasons. Now you have it :D

o Added French language catalog! Thanks to someone who doesn't want to be cited :D
o Added Object change history view. It shows the change history of standard and, more interestingly, custom properties of any test artifact. o Fixed Ticket #9141 (Track-Hacks): Update installation 1.4.6 -> 1.4.7 not possible
o Fixed Ticket #9167 (Track-Hacks): installation of 1.4.7 with postgres database not possible
o Fixed Ticket #9187 (Track-Hacks): Current test status report should consider only last result of a testcase in the plan.

Thanks to Andreas for his contribution to fixing this one!

Release 1.4.7 (2011-08-28):

o Enhancement #8907 (Track-Hacks): Add template for "New TestCase " - Thanks a lot to Christian for the hard work on this enhancement!!!

Now you can define templates for your new test catalogs and new test cases, and assign default templates based on each test catalog!

o Enhancement #8908 (Track-Hacks): Possiblity to change test case status from the tree view.

No more need to open each test case in a plan to set its result, you can now do this directly from the tree view!

o Fixed Ticket #8869 (Track-Hacks): Loading of Test Manager takes too long and sometimes time out
o Added Spanish and German catalogs! Thanks a lot to Christian and Andreas for the translations!!! Italian was already part of the plugin.

Release 1.4.6 (2011-06-19):

o Fixed Ticket #8871 (Track-Hacks): No # allowed at custom fields
o Fixed Ticket #8873 (Track-Hacks): css styles ar not compatible with the agilo plugin
o Fixed Ticket #8876 (Track-Hacks): Can't create Catalogs/Test cases when trac runs from site root
o Fixed Ticket #8878 (Track-Hacks): TestManagerForTracPlugin does not play well with MenusPlugin
o Fixed Ticket #8898 (Track-Hacks): yui_base_url not honored in templates ?
o Enhancement #8875 (Track-Hacks): More visibility for Tickets related to test suites
Added more statistical charts, including Current test status pie chart and Tickets related to test cases trend chart
Simplified setting the outcome of a test case

Release 1.4.5 (2011-05-21):

o Enhancement #8825 (Track-Hacks): Ability to import test cases from Excel (CSV) file

Release 1.4.4 (2011-03-11):

o Fixed Ticket #8567 (Track-Hacks): Javascript error when deleting test plans
o Enhancement #8596 (Track-Hacks): Remove hard dependency on XML RPC plugin for Trac 0.11
o Enhancement #8761 (Track-Hacks): Copy multiple test cases into another catalog
Added wiki documentation for copying multiple test cases into another catalog .

Release 1.4.3 (2011-01-20):

o Enhancement #8427 (Track-Hacks): Add XML-RPC complete interface for remote management of test objects
Added wiki documentation for the new XML-RPC API .

Release 1.4.2 (2011-01-09):

o Fixed Ticket #8378 (Track-Hacks): Set date and time format correctly in Test Stats page
Also added support for custom test case outcomes in the Test Stats page
Added Wiki documentation on the ability to customize the test case outcomes (i.e. states, verdicts) and to link Tickets to Test Cases.

Release 1.4.1 (2010-12-27):

o Enhancement #7486 (Track-Hacks): Customizable test case outcomes (aka verdicts)
o Enhancement #7570 (Track-Hacks): Add a relationship table between tickets and test cases in plan, and corresponding API
o Added wiki documentation on the Generic Persistent Class framework

Release 1.3.12 (2010-12-19):

o Enhancement #8321 (Track-Hacks): Add standard internationalization support (i18n)
o Enhancement #8322 (Track-Hacks): Show timestamps according to User's locale
o Fixed Ticket #8323 (Track-Hacks): Unable to expand Available plans and Test case status change history collapsable sections

Release 1.3.11 (2010-12-02):

o Added out of the box operation to workflow engine: set_owner and set_owner_to_self
o Enhancement #8259 (Track-Hacks): Add navigation from a test case to its related tickets

Release 1.3.10 (2010-11-28):

o Fixed Ticket #8154 (Track-Hacks): LookupError : unknown encoding: cp0

Release 1.3.9 (2010-11-23):

o Fixed Ticket #8144 (Track-Hacks): Test statistical charts don't show successful and failed figures

Release 1.3.8 (2010-11-23):

o Fixed Ticket #8121 (Track-Hacks): Catalog Wiki Page not added
o Fixed Ticket #8123 (Track-Hacks): Can't move testcase more than one time into different catalog
o Fixed Ticket #8124 (Track-Hacks): AttributeError : 'NoneType ' object has no attribute 'splitlines'
o Fixed Ticket #8125 (Track-Hacks): "duplicate test case" does not work for previously moved test case

Release 1.3.7 (2010-11-20):

o Enhancement #7704 (Track-Hacks): Add ability to delete a Test Plan
o Fixed Ticket #8084 (Track-Hacks): Ordering issue

Release 1.3.6 (2010-11-09):

o Fixed Ticket #8004 (Track-Hacks): Cannot search if an admin

Release 1.3.5 (2010-10-17):

o Restored compatibility with Trac 0.11. Now again both 0.11 and 0.12 are supported.

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