XML-RPC interface is back

The XML-RPC interface to trac-hacks.org, made possible by the XmlRpcPlugin, is available once again. !Anonymous users can access through http://trac-hacks.org/rpc, and authenticated requests can be made through https://trac-hacks.org/login/rpc.


1. tracolator -- 10 years ago

Perhaps not the correct place, couldn't find appropriate forum. Trying to use deleteTestObject in python to delete a large collection of catalogs in the Trac Test Manager. Doing this manually is very time consuming since you must go to each child node and delete up the tree. Can't figure the API. What exactly is a objtype? Could someone give an example? Assume the id is a string holding the leaf number, e.g, if TC_TT1337_TT1338_TT1343_TC2602 then would be '2602'. May be an opportunity to provide details for modify and deleteTestObject? Thanks.

2. Ryan J Ollos -- 10 years ago

Please ask on the trac:MailingList.