Software development is like heaven for me (and Trac is not just software, it's a piece of art). Free software rocks!!!

I've vast experience with Trac, Python, Java, .NET, and other major technologies. For further details see my profile.

If you need to customize or enhance plugins shown below, or decide you can support their development, please don't hesitate and contact me .


Guidelines to collaborate

Most of the plugins listed above are developed at Bitbucket using Mercurial . Please, take a look at my repos list for further details. The preferred way to collaborate and prepare patches (especially if you're interested in enhancing the patch until it gets committed to the repository ;o) is to create a patch queue for the repository of the plugin. You will need to be familiar with MQ extension . Please, follow the steps I mention below. I will use MacTheme repository in the example, so be aware of the fact that the process might be slightly different if your patches enhance another plugin in the list shown above.

  1. Sign-in using your Bitbucket account or your favorite OpenId provider.
  2. Use your browser and load the home page of the repository (e.g. for MacTheme). If you don't see the repository listed in there it might be because it's hosted by Simelo's project @ Sourceforge . So take a look at the Hg repos list and, if this is the case , please contact me and I'll either clone the repos at Bitbucket or create the patch queue repository in there (but you'll need an SF account to commit successive versions of your patches ;o)
  3. Click on patch queue link on top of the web page (see screenshot for details).
  4. Enter the name of the patch queue repository, a short description and then click on Create patch queue button (see screenshot for details). You'll be redirected to the main page of your patch queue repository.
  5. Type the command shown in that page in order to qclone the new repository (see screenshot for details).
  6. Create and prepare some patches (read Chapter 12 of Mercurial Users Guide or this tutorial if you want to know more ;o) , and push your changes to the public repository hosted by Bitbucket.
  7. Let me know of your changes.
  8. If you want me to participate so as to enhance the patch then click on Admin tab. (see screenshot for details)
  9. Add olemis user to the writers list (see screenshot for details).

For further details please read Ches Martin's article about MQ and Bitbucket , Bitbucket Mercurial Patch Queues (for Trac) tutorial.

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