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I maintain several plugins on Trac-Hacks, am a committer on the Apache Bloodhound and Trac projects and one of several admins for trac-hacks. If there is anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to contact me. If I have the pleasure of helping you, kudos on Ohloh are appreciated!

Contact info

I can be contacted most easily via email or Google chat.

  • Name: Ryan J Ollos
  • Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Google Profile
  • Email: ryan.j.ollos @t
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  • Active Tickets (24)

    [PATCH] SQL injection vulnerability patch for TracDownloads
    RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object
    New user and hacks pages should be passed through the spam filter
    users can post or comment on in the name of any registered user
    New features proposed
    [PATCH] Fix plugin for Trac >= v1.0
    Remaining steps for site upgrade
    Adding other custom fields will delete the effect of the TracTicketChainedFieldsPlugin
    Trac 1.1.3 compatibility
    Add a level of indirection to TOC (with PATCH)
    With Trac 1.0.3 or later user email validation often fails because of caching in the env.get_known_users() function
    Can not display or modify subversion paths in Windows
    Cannot see TeamCity Builds in timeline
    Replace trac-wikireplace script with a TracAdmin command
    When used on a wiki page that matches the format string, set current day
    Reduce use of named groups
    UnicodeDecodeError: ascii codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 47: ordinal not in range 128
    can this plugin support more than one ticketids ?
    Clicking on the Admin Users link generates "error:060800A3:digital envelope routines:EVP_DigestInit_ex:disabled for fips"
    Allow hacks to be listed on "type" pages
    Add notice to top of pages tagged with needsadoption
    Unable to insert changeset 57/XXX and ticket 2 into db: columns repo, changeset, ticket are not unique
    Adapt to Trac 1.2 notification API
    Make compatible with Trac 1.2

Plugins I maintain

Maintaining the following Plug-ins: